Commission a painting or a custom art piece by Elleny Gherghe.

Art Commissions by Elleny Gherghe
Elleny’s paintings are now part of private collections around the world, from Romania, to Spain, Germany, Gibraltar or the USA. If you want to create a beautiful story together, we are happy to let you know that art commissions are now open.

Want a custom original artwork?

For inquires, commissions, other projects or collaborations get in touch and let’s talk art:

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does the process take?

You must know that, in some cases, it can take between 3 weeks and 6 months from the moment work on the final painting starts, mostly depending on the complexity of the painting and the size.

As Elleny works in oil paint, please note that the painting may need up to 3 weeks to dry completely before it can be shipped. 

What is the process of creating an art commission?

  • If you would like a custom art commission, get in touch using the contact details from this site. Please, add as many details as possible about what you wish for and send at least 2 or 3 high-quality photos.
  • After debriefing your request, you will receive a quick sketch and a color study, like a mini version of your painting. This is the moment when we can adjust, change a few things, and get your final sketch and color study output.
  • In this step, you see how the painting will look, and you will receive the final information regarding the price and the deadline.

How come a painting lasts for hundreds of years?

Elleny uses only the highest quality oil paint colors, from brands such as Rembrandt or Winsor & Newton.

An oil painting needs to be dry enough to be varnished completely. To avoid cracks or it turning yellow, we need to have patience before it can be fully varnished.

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